The Worthington Lab focuses on understanding interactions between human cells and man-made biomaterials and leveraging these behaviors for specific applications. The team uses two-photon polymerization, a form of high-resolution 3D-printing, to create microstructured support scaffolds for photoreceptor cell replacement therapies and has shown that this technique can also be used for precision drug delivery and for directing the fate of stem cells. 


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CoE faculty play critical role in multi-institutional biomanufacturing project

Thursday, September 7, 2023
A multidisciplinary team of University of Iowa engineering faculty will contribute to a $20 million, multi-institutional project to boost Iowa’s position as a leader in bioscience and advanced manufacturing.
A student works in the Fluids Lab

UI secures $704M in external funding in FY23

Wednesday, July 12, 2023
Kristan Worthington, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, is featured for her collaborative research on the production of bio-derived materials.